Cookies and Cream swirl cake

IMG_7024This is a cookies and cream cake I made with my own invention of a recipe (step aside Delia…lol!)

I spent a lot of time looking all over the internet for a non chocolate based cookies and cream cake and not finding one that I liked! This is a white vanilla butter which shows you the cookies and cake texture so well! I love how life sometimes forces us to be bold and do things we never thought we would do like invent your own recipe!(flexing my biceps….lol)

This cake is also on my Facebook page and Instagram page for all to see! The swirl ombre icing is def not my invention though I used a cool cream cheese frosting that I have not been necessarily taught by anyone but modified one that I liked!

Let me know if interested in the recipe or if you want a taste! (wink). Pictured is an 8 inch stacked cake.

Thanks for dropping by!

Nancy xxx

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